Light Up Letter Hire

At White Lace Events, we understand that your wedding day is a celebration of love that deserves to be highlighted in the most enchanting way possible. Our light-up letter hire service is designed to add a touch of brilliance and charm to your special day, illuminating your love story for all to see.

The soft, warm glow of our light-up Letters creates a magical ambience that sets the perfect tone for your celebration. Whether they adorn the entrance, dance floor, or reception area, they serve as a captivating backdrop for unforgettable moments.

From your initials to meaningful words like ‘LOVE’ and ‘FOREVER’, our light-up letter hire allows you to express your emotions with creativity and finesse. They make for stunning photo opportunities, giving you and your guests a chance to capture cherished memories bathed in the glow of love.

Our professional team takes care of every aspect of the installation, ensuring that the light-up letters are flawlessly placed and safely secured. You can relax and enjoy your day, knowing that everything is taken care of with utmost precision.

Make your wedding or celebration unforgettable by adding our stunning 4-ft light-up letters!

Are you ready to let love light up your special day? 

Contact us today and let our light-up letters cast their magical glow on your wedding, creating moments that will forever remain etched in your heart!

Elevate your event with White Lace Events’ enchanting light-up letters. Spell out love, joy, or your initials in radiant brilliance. Illuminate your celebration with unforgettable elegance. Hire today!

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